For the past 10 years I’ve written for Geographical, the frankly brilliant magazine of the Royal Geographical Society. I also write news, features and quirky vignettes about country rituals for BBC Countryfile magazine.

My main task at Geographical is to write the magazine’s dossier series, lengthy pieces that give me the chance to really unpick major issues, from sea level rises to renewable energy and people trafficking.

The western developed world got in quite a tizz when ebola, a hideous disease that has plagued parts of Africa for decades suddenly infected a tiny handful of people in Europe. My article for Geograghical looked at what this said about us and about drugs companies research priorities: Dealing with drugs.

The true impact of migration has been sensationalised and traduced since the EU referendum. My article for Geographical, written in 2014, is as valid now as it was then. Warning: this article contains nuanced views: Alien views.

I am also author of the Behind The Headlines column for Countryfile magazine. Here’s my article on the links between the UK countryside and the EU: Impact of the EU referendum on UK’s countryside.

Another article focussed on one the biggest bugbears of the countryside – and it’s not, unfortunately, a creature likely to go extinct any time soon: Behind the headlines: Britain’s litter problem.