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Nanotechnology, future fuels, depleted uranium, the geopolitics of central Asia… I write about these subjects and many others for specialist trade and business magazines in the UK, the USA, continental Europe and Asia.  Most of this work is carried out in collaboration with a fantastic co-operative of like-minded journalists, known as International News Services, a global news service that works with primary sources at international bodies such as the United Nations, the European Commission and the International Energy Agency.

International News Services: Aviation industry innovates to move away from kerosene fuel dependence
According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), today’s world aircraft fleet is about 65% more fuel-efficient than in 1970. Between 1990 and 2000, fuel efficiency improved by 17%. Furthermore, the clean technology of modern aircraft engines has almost eliminated emissions of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons.

International News Services: Cocoa genome map could save industry
Sequencing the human genome has brought widespread interest and the potential for treatment of diseases, but confectionery industry researchers are increasingly applying this technique to key components in the food chain.

International News Services: EU pushes for gas supply alternative in Turkmenistan, following human rights improvements
When the European Union’s (EU) energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs, visited Turkmenistan last autumn it served notice that this central Asian ex-Soviet republic had come in from the cold.