I write travel features for national newspapers and magazines, including The Independent, the Independent on Sunday, The Daily Telegraph, Geographical, BBC Countryfile, BBC History and BBC Wildlife.

If you want someone to write about beach holidays (unless it’s a beach north of the Arctic Circle) or celebrity hangouts, sorry, I’ll have to pass. I’m interested in getting off the beaten track (north-western Scotland), falling off the radar altogether (Paraguay), and places that just take the breath away, such as Spitsbergen, Easter Island, the central deserts of Australia and Patagonia.

My news journalism background comes in handy for covering topical issues around travel, as you’ll see from this piece in the Independent on Sunday:  Greener tourism? It’s a jungle out there

Here’s some of my personal favourite pieces…

A piece for the Independent about the North Sea Trail, a footpath around the coasts of northern Europe: This coast’s so wild they build lighthouses on wheels

The mouthwatering food of Singapore’s hawker stalls, for the Telegraph: Singapore’s hawker centres: masters of the stir-fry

The backwaters of Belarussia, for the Telegraph: Belarus: Blast from the Soviet past