I write travel features for national newspapers and magazines, including Nat Geo Traveller, The Independent titles (online only nowadays), the Daily Telegraph. the Guardian, Green Traveller, Geographical, BBC Countryfile, BBC Wildlife, BBC Good Food & BBC History.

What are the Cotswolds really like, are they more Laurie Lee than dinner party sets? I explored them for Nat Geo Traveller: Cotswolds: The honeyed stone heart of England

Meanwhile, here are my tips for enjoying a family holiday in Bali: Family travel: Easy Bali

Life’s a beach – and not just in Bali but also in northern Norway: Life’s a beach on the Lofoten Islands

I also enjoyed exploring Istria for Nat Geo, a part of Croatia far removed from its image of coastal sunshine: Croatia: Strolling beyond the sea

And, when you’re walking in the countryside, how do urban types deal with that strange custom of saying hello to fellow human beings? Greetings in the great outdoors